Why Marquis

Why Marquis?

What sets Marquis apart from other commercial cleaning companies is the quality of our personnel and the service they provide. Tools and equipment are important, but our quality starts with our people.

Through identifying and attracting the very best talent and retaining them with best-in-class wages and benefits we are able to execute on our brand promise on a daily basis – “Better Results Through Better People.™” With a higher skilled labor force our employees provide superior results with less supervision.

Marquis Benefits Include:

  • Direct access to a local ownership team with over 30 years of combined corporate business experience committed to meeting your individual business needs
  • Team based staffing model inspires motivated and collaborative staff
  • Industry leading salaries and incentive pay for delivering superior customer satisfaction
  • Internal audit process which monitors quality level on a daily basis
  • Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed
  • “All-inclusive building services provider,” strategic partnerships with other building services contractors to meet all of your facility management needs
  • Proven cleaning processes that are integrated and simplified to keep the focus on our customers, not internal business protocols

Bottom-line: Marquis delivers “Better Results Through Better People.™”

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